Network conceptMarketing Automation drives customized content to customers and prospects, nurturing them into sales qualified lead status. The LSC solution:

  • Delivers marketing campaigns that leverage the behaviors of your prospects and customers through nurturing touch points.
  • Drives automated messages generated when a lead performs a trackable action, delivering customized content based on the individual behavior.
  • Ranks customers and prospects based on buying criteria, demographics and behaviors such as website visits, form submissions and message interaction or on time-based components including recency and frequency.
  • Routes content messages based on scoring delivering appropriate follow-up based on customer criteria.
  • Generates Opportunities & Sales

The key pieces of the LSC Digital solution include:


qln-funnel-2aB2B Customer Data

LSC has been in the leads business for over 30 years. It is in our DNA! LSC can identify who your best customers are, then customize a data acquisition plan to help you purchase and build your prospecting universe.

Cloud-based CRM

The “killer app” in the web-based CRM space is obviously – and that’s who we work with exclusively in the space. We are experts in set-up, management and integration with for organizations of all sizes.

Content Marketing Strategy

From corporate blogging, to online articles and newsletters, to white papers, videos and online presentations – content is king! We can help you build a content strategy that engages your target customers and keeps them coming back for more.

Demand Creation

Developing qualified sales opportunities should always start with well engineered and well executed inside sales strategies. LSC can help with outbound and inbound script development, appointment setting, and development of campaign performance metrics.

Lead Nurturing

Through a combination of training, software configuration, and strategy – LSC helps our clients present the right content and message to the right prospects at the right time.