Marketing Technology with BlueANALYZER

Today’s marketing technologies must support all digital, relational and unstructured big data needs. It will manage data sets that map to both known and unknown users. This data will provide intelligence and insight about the sentiment of the different segments of your audience and insight as to how to best leverage this information.

Our role is to connect as much of the behavior as possible for “known” audiences so we can provide campaign management and data analytics. This means we integrate and interact with enterprise data layers and technologies, third party data management platforms (DMP’s, DSP, and Ad Platforms) and advanced analytics platforms.

BlueANALYZER connects all your data streams into one marketing database…

…and gives businesses the intelligence to make decisions about the types of dialogues they want to have with their customers.

BlueANALYZER is a must for intelligent decision making

We offer the ability to gain insight and understand what your customers are interested in and when they will need you.

We help businesses to unlock buying signals and provide the strategy on when and how to you communicate your value proposition so it will be most meaningful. We understand where within and outside your organization the data lies.

And, while data is the main ingredient for any campaign, businesses must come to terms with the reality that the majority of that data is unstructured and sometimes, untrusted. Analysis of all these data sets is required to obtain optimal performance and the highest levels of engagement.

While each client engages with us in a customized manner, there are certain elements most engagements have in common and typically include:

  • CRM Strategy and Design
  • Database Marketing Strategy and Planning
  • Data Acquisition and Hygiene Strategy
  • Analytical Consulting
  • Day to Day Account Management / Program Management
  • Media Production and Deployment
  • Closed Loop Reporting and Measurement

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