Every business has a need to communicate with customers, and email is the modern channel of choice. Whether it's a simple weekly newsletter or action-based autoresponder campaigns, the common denominator is clear: messages sent from a reliable, easy-to-use platform provide measurable results.

The last thing marketers want to experience is being left alone in the email landscape without a decent map or essential equipment. LSC Digital will guide you through the process and develop a basis for all of your email communication, regardless of complexity.

Elements of Email Marketing


As with any communication, it is essential that all the parts are complete and optimized. What good is sending a great message to the wrong audience? How can you make improvements without examining results?

Email Design, Development, & Optimization

Your emails are getting lost in the visual clutter of default templates and boring layouts. Other marketers are using the same template provided by your ESP, right down to the link colors and images. Break out from the ranks of the tired and visually unappealing!

LSC Digital's in-house designers will build you unique, customized emails for your campaigns, whether you need a monthly newsletter template, a single product promotion, or purchase confirmation. Our designers are leaders in design strategy for email marketing, and are experts in coding for the inbox.

We test across major platforms to ensure your subscribers receive the same message no matter what email client they use. Our designers have built campaigns for clients large and small, from USA TODAY to New Track Media, to start-ups like froogll and Allay.

Your ESP of Choice

email_strategy_0_0LSC Digital will step you through the email process, from campaign design, list building and segmentation to deployment, tracking and revision. Whether you are new to the email game or a seasoned inbox veteran, we have expertise to offer.

We manage all types of email campaigns, from single deployments to complex, multi-message efforts. Our customer contact strategies are simple and effective, built on our ever-growing knowledge to deliver more engaging campaigns. Reporting and analysis will drive positive change based on real results, not just on benchmarks and assumed best practices.

Already playing the game?

We'll take a look at your current setup, including creative, lists, deliverability, and strategy, provide a full report and show you how your email business can grow.

Your options range from a full-service email program to a self-serve platform where marketers utilize their own in-house teams, and everything in between. We help you through the setup process to ensure a smooth transition to your new platform while providing best-in-channel guidance; we don't just give you the keys to drive, we'll ride shotgun and make sure you don't get stranded on the side of the road.

Our platform offers standard features you expect from email marketing software - easy-to-use campaign setup, comprehensive list management and robust tracking and reporting.  What we bring to the table is our presence and expertise to ensure your campaigns are built well and delivered to the inbox without issue.

Advanced Capabilities with Email Automation

E-commerce?  Do you want to track from the click to the purchase?  Shopping cart abandonment?  LSC Digital brings all this functionality to the table, plus more.

LSC Digital provides:

  • Creative development and assistance
  • Platform training
  • Intuitive options for campaign management
  • Full support throughout the email process
  • Automated email processes - auto-responders, welcome emails, etc.
  • Detailed reporting using platform capabilities, Return Path, and GA.
  • Email marketing consults from creative and strategy channel experts

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