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Whenever a client asks about including video in email campaigns, the solution has usually been to take a screenshot of the video and drop a play button on top.  The image is linked to a landing page where the subscriber can watch the video.

Now, there's a way. With some elbow grease, you can include playable videos in your email communications.

Posted by Michael Anderson on Dec 02, 2013

By: Jeff Dellapina, Silverpop

Yahoo recently announced that it's releasing old and inactive Yahoo IDs and their matching email addresses. As a result, Yahoo users that have not logged in for 12 months will lose their Yahoo ID and reassigned. This covers all Yahoo-owned but not managed domains, worldwide (,,, etc.). Domains that Yahoo hosts mail for, but does not own, will not be impacted (,, etc.) 

Posted by admin on Jul 23, 2013

Is impulse buying dead? The days of "Buy One, Get One," and "Pay nothing now," seem to be waning. The bonus "carrying case," complimentary "set of steak knives," and the not-so "Free Trial" are clearly not driving people to the phone like they once did. As multimedia offers give more and more away up front margins and multiples are being eroded for what equates to only average, if not below average conversion. Why?

Posted by admin on Apr 02, 2013

List Services Corporation (LSC) hosted Google in-house on Tuesday as a part of Google’s Engage Connect event.  Executives and marketing leaders from area businesses arrived to network and talk all things digital. Guests represented companies including Boehringer-Ingelheim, Ethan Allen, Porter & Chester Institute, Time-Warner Cable, and The Taunton Press.

Posted by admin on Mar 07, 2013

First time available - Brand new to market! Reach 100% DTP subscribers to various city regional magazines! These readers are affluent, stable, saavy, and educated.

Subscribers are interested in editorials that focus on entertainment, politics, social scenes, arts, culture, travel and much more that their city magazine has to offer. These publications offer the best coverage of each city.

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Mr. Charlie Tarzian, List Services’ Chief Strategic Officer, will lead the effort as GelStat’s Chief Marketing Officer

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Posted by admin on Dec 10, 2012

Since 1970, Gulfshore Life magazine has captured the vibrant spirit, style and natural beauty of Southwest Florida’s Gulf Coast, from Fort Myers and Cape Coral d

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Brand New to List Services Corporation!

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The cards predict great response on your next mailing with these mystical buyers. Members  use astrology to better apperciate and respect - not just intellectually understand- the wondrous variability among human beings in a way that is difficult to achieve their goals.  These consumers have paid $15-$40.00 for a reading,  astrology has a strong predictive capability to help guide them.  

Posted by admin on Sep 24, 2012