Database Sales & Marketing

LSC is the leader in providing demographic, ethnic, lifestyle, business-to-business and e-mail enhancements.

  • 170 million+ U.S. households
  • 80 million+ Businesses and SOHOs
  • Matched Consumer & Business E-mail Addresses

LSC has over 20 years of knowledge and experience in aggregating multi-channel data to produce new products with our direct mail clients and partners to create successful opportunities for the direct mail community. By utilizing our own databases and those of our partners, LSC will create the data you require, eliminating the need for fruitless searching and needless haggling. LSC constantly brings new data into the fold by amplifying the quality, accuracy, and granularity of our files.

Bonny Rodger, VP Datamatch Sales and Steve Ruffler, VP Business Sales have a combined 25 years experience in marketing specialty data.  Direct mail marketers have successfully increased their response rates and tapped deeper into their existing buyers by using our directbases for monthly mailings and modeling applications.  Come and explore our over 100,000,000 Direct Mail names for your next campaign.

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Angela McCluskey
President, Database Sales & Marketing

Steve Ruffler
Vice President

Bonny Rodger
Senior Sales Director

Matt Potts
Sales Director