Database Marketing Services

Our database marketing services help our clients capture and manage data about their customers and prospects. We provide capabilities that enable detailed analysis and provide insights into customer interactions. Our customized database solutions utilize cutting-edge technology to deliver flexible and scalable database management systems that fit your marketing needs.

We go beyond just providing improvements to efficiency and effectiveness of marketing campaigns we focus on helping our clients utilize customer intelligence to think differently about their customer knowledge.

How we make it work

Our management team and our highly experienced database marketing team combine to form an unrivaled infrastructure. This infrastructure combined with a broad spectrum of state-of-the-art technology and database tools, enables us to provide a blend of marketing, technology and consumer knowledge to help our clients build highly effective data-driven databases and marketing programs.

The benefits for our clients

Our experience, knowledge and support provide significant benefits to our clients:

  • Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of marketing campaigns by reducing costs and increasing response rates.
  • Reducing reliance on internal IT by having an experienced database team dedicated to responding to all of your needs.
  • Unlike internal IT, we provide marketing expertise because our core business is understanding how to architect databases that enable our clients to better understand and communicate with their customers.
  • Utilization of customer intelligence to enhance product development, improve acquisition and retention efforts and transform business operations and strategies.
  • Providing depth to your database by going beyond direct mail capabilities and integrating email and interactive marketing.

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