Database Maintenance

During the Database Design phase the focus is on planning for results, the focus during the Database Maintenance phase shifts to streamlining marketing activities.  With all of your data consolidated into a single standardized repository and access to your data at your fingertips, we’re now ready to help you take on the challenges of understanding and communicating with your customers the way they want to be communicated with.

Data Consolidation

With the database build complete and fully tested we now transition the ongoing maintenance of your database from our architects and developers to our DBA’s and Account Managers.  With this transition we’re now ready to execute periodic updates to your database.  While such database updates vary from client to client there are specific principals that we adhere to for every database, these are: verification and correction of all name and address related data using proven data quality software; auditing of non name and address data based on pre-defined rules using customized software; apply updated multichannel data and segmentation from across your organization to the database; append customer data (email, phone#’s and demographic data) if needed; application of quality control measures to ensure the quality of all data and processes that comprise the update process.

Marketing Automation

With a fully consolidated database containing integrated data from across your organization we then provide you with all the support needed for campaign management and marketing automation from your database platform.  Whether your marketing goals involve acquisition, retention or loyalty, you’ll have fast and easy access to all the data needed for any type of program.  By leveraging our own customized solutions and/or the solutions of our technology partners, you’ll have the tools and insight to easily access and analyze your data with a minimum amount of effort.