A Grill Master’s Search for Steak Bliss

The Buyer’s Journey…

In my never-ending quest to prepare the perfect ribeye steak for the next summer cookout, I once again find myself sitting at the computer browsing recipes online. This time while doing so though, it occurs to me that there are as many ways to market food and its related products as there are recipes which show how to cook the perfect ribeye- with the right combination, you can achieve perfection every time!

My buyer’s journey took me to several sites with mouth-watering steaks, exciting recipes and expert grill tips within a matter of minutes. Through a simple google image search, I was brought to a page full of rib-eye images and clicked on the most delicious looking one. It turned out to be an Allen Brothers page, where I not only found the cut of meat I want, but also instructions for the best way to grill it- Later I ended up going back to purchase the rest of my meat from them for my next cookout, saving me a trip to the butcher!

rib eye

The Marketer’s blood, sweat and tears..

As a consumer, my ‘perfect rib-eye’ experience was quick, easy and enjoyable. However, as a digital marketing strategist, I know all too well the painstaking efforts that were involved in making my on-line experience seamless. It is imperative that when an image is clicked on, the consumer is taken to the exact matching product page on the website. Too often, clicking on an image leads to a home page where the consumer has to search through thousands of SKUs. This generally leads to high bounce rates and sales for the competition.

If you are experiencing high bounce rates, you may want to analyze how well your navigation maps to your keyword strategy. Upgrading that experience can improve your customer’s journey.

To put it in perspective, my experience required coordination of site navigation, and a well thought out PPC strategy. If you look back, once I finally found the cut of meat I wanted, I then went back and bought additional meat. I had to re-locate the steaks I wanted again at Allen Brothers. If they didn’t have a great PPC strategy here, it would have been very easy for other brands to intercept me. Allen Brothers came right up when I typed in “Allen Brothers Rib-eyes,” and I made my purchase.

Recipe marketing is an enormous initiative for many food companies. They all work very hard to make sure consumers can find them through all different types of buyer journeys. Perfecting this process requires many a whiteboard session, great reporting and a fair amount of time pouring over analytics to ensure a seamless experience for the consumer.

Thank goodness the internet is so easy to use!

Joe McCluskey, President of LSC Digital, is a consumer marketing strategist and an enthusiast in Search Engine Marketing.

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